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Pix4dcapture - v4.4.0 - Flight towards mission not aligned

I think it’s not the first time reported, but I couldn’t find the post, when the drone flies to the mission it’s rotated as the path is going to take in the mission instead of flying straight and faster.


DJI P4P / iOS 12.1.4 / p4dc 4.4.0

Hi Jevier, 

It doesn’t fly any faster/slower as it flies at a set speed to the first waypoint, it looks a little strange but performance is unaffected. And also, there is no much difference in speed while moving forward, backward, or side because the quadcopter is symmetrical and every side can be treated as the front.

If I try to fly the drone diagonally with DJI GO app I don’t get fast speed as if it is flown straight since the inclination of the drone can be steeper. 

Hi Javier, 

If the drone is symmetrical in all directions, technically it should be able to get the same speed in front or side directions. In the case of Pix4D capture app, it programmed such a way that it will follow the set speed to reach the first waypoint and it shouldn’t matter for the direction it is pointing.