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DJI Inspire 2 flying back on a polygon mission

hello, i have a Q about i2.

i had experiend now 2 times out 3 that i fly backways on polygon missions, that can i do?

i have the newest updates on i2 and pix4D and also dji Go app

Hi Jacob,

During iOS polygon flight mission, the drone can fly backwards to optimize the flight path and the image acquisition.
It is expected behaviour.


Is it possible to make the drone fly forward all the time in polygon mode? Flying backward is not good for me when I mount a Parrot Sequoia on my Phantom 3 Pro. At the altitude I fly at, the drone is going about 13-15 m/s which mean it tilts forward while flying. To correct for that, I angle the Parrot Sequoia up so it is pointed straight down (not backwards) when it is flying at speed during the mission. If it is flying backward and forward during the mission, I can’t correct for that and most of the images are taken at an oblique angle.

Hi Matthew, we received a report that is similar to yours. To ensure that everyone is on the same page, please join the conversation at DJI Inspire flying backwards in polygon mission.

Thank you for your understanding.