Pix4dCapture pro - where are images?


I have tried the pix4dcapture pro android application with a dji phantom 4. I successfully completed 3 different flights however following the flights i was not able to locate the images/photos? With the new pix4dcapture pro application where are the images stored?

Is there any known issues - should i revert back to pix4dcapture which i have previously had success with? I thought id use the new app with its new features potentially its still in development?

Thanks for any hints!

Hello @baden.corr , welcome to the Pix4D Community!

To answer your question, all the images taken with PIX4Dcapture Pro should be stored in your drone’s SD card, but if you think there was an issue and the images are not there, do not hesitate to reach to us via a Pix4D Support Ticket.

Thank you, and have a great day!