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Default storage location on CS for pictures taken by Pix4d capture

Hi I m new to the drone world, I did my first flight using Pix4d capture. I don’t have any sd card on CS so all pictures were stored on the internal memory. I can see the images in pix4d capture also in the gallery on CS but I can’t find them in explorer in any folder. I searched every single folder  (DJI.go/DJI.pilot/com.pix4d.plugindji to name few) with no luck. I am sure they are somewhere on CS, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Hello Andre,

Welcome in the drone world and in Pix4D world!

I would need more info to help you:

  • What configuration are you using? (drone, camera, mobile device)
  • Are you using the iOS or Android version of Pixc4Dcapture?
  • I am not clear with what you mean with CS?
  • Has the mission been flown successfully and the pictures properly recorded?


Thank you Gael for your prompt reply. I m using M210 with Micasense Altum and Zenmuse X4S. I am using the android version of Pix4D capture on DJI Crystal Sky (CS) monitor. The mission went smoothly and the images were perfectly captured and stored on the internal memory of the Crystal Sky. I can see them on the gallery as well as on the pix4dCapture, so they are definitely stored somewhere. 

Since I haven’t used an external memory (microSD) on the CS and I haven’t used the DJI pilot or DJI pro, I am not able to find using CrystalSky “explorer” the folder where those images captured by pix4Dcapture are stored. I am not sure if this question should be for DJI or for you, but I thought you probably have an answer or recommendation for future use of PiX4dcapture on DJI Crystal Sky.




Hello Andre,

Thanks for your extra explanations. So if my understanding is correct the synchronization of the images between the drone and Pix4Dcapture has been done and then you cannot find the images on the CrystalSky.
Normally a Pix4D folder is created when installing the APKs on the CrystalSky and the images should be stored inside this folder.

Let me know if you can find them, otherwise, I will investigate more. 
Also, note that it is always possible to get the pictures straight from the drone SD card at any time if an issue is occurring with the image synchronization.

Let me know if you could find them,

I am having the same issue.  I don’t see a Pix4D folder anywhere on the internal memory of the Crystall Sky.  Help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Joe,

Thank you for your question.
Using the CrystalSky, to remove your images out of the internal memory, the procedure is the following:

  1. Connect CrystalSky to a PC by USB-microUSB cable.
  2. Open “i” icon at the upper-left corner of CrystalSky.
  3. Click “USB connected” at the middle a the left side of the screen.
  4. Click “Turn On USB storage”.
  5. Open device storage on PC.
  6. You will have access to the Pix4D folder, the missions, and all the images.
  7. Copy desired images on the PC

It indeed seems that you cannot access the images from the DJI CrystalSky Explorer.