Pix4Dcapture Pro says ANAFI USA GOV "camera model not in app database"

Please add the ANAFI USA GOV camera to the “Pix4Dcapture Pro” android app database ASAP.

Hello @eben, The Anafi USA Gov should have the same configure as the ANAFI USA drone, and you should be able to plan a mission selecting the ANAFI USA drone. However, we can’t guarantee that it would work, but we belive as they are the same, you should be able to select an Anafi USA drone and plan a mission.

Thanks, yes it works using that up until I try to fly and then it says camera model not in database. Pix4d simply had to add this camera model to their database in the app.

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Hello @eben, Thank you for the information. We are contacting Parrot and testing the drone because we haven’t tested the drone with our app. We will work with them and work toward a solution.