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l’Anafi Ai est-il supporté dans PIX4Dcapture ou avez-vous l’intention de l’intégrer dans un avenir proche ?

Hi @roland.cassart

You can find the list of supported drones for all of our applications and software here: Supported drones, cameras and controllers - PIX4Dcapture

For now, PIX4Dcapture does not support Anafi AI. The good news is PIX4Dscan already supports Anafi AI. I would suggest you try it. Download PIX4Dscan for iOS and Android.

I hope this helps!

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Rosana (she/her)

Hi Rosana,

Thanks for your reply.

I did donwload PIX4DScan and it will certainly do the job, but is there a way to prepare flight plan in advance because as far as I understand, you have to be on site with your drone ON to create a mission and fly it ?


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Hi Roland,

Yes, PIX4Dscan requires you to be on-site to create a mission.
For more information: Getting started - PIX4Dscan

Rosana (she/her)