Pix4Dcapture - Phantom 3k and phantom 3 SE 4k

Can i conect muy phantom 3 SE to pix4d? I me. Trying and i cant.

Phantom 3 SE is not supported but selecting another drone might work although we do not have any feedback regarding the Phantom 3 SE. We would then suggest to choose a DJI drone having the same connection mode, e.g. P3S with Wi-Fi or P3P with USB cable.

Let us know how it goes for you!

Hi again, 

Thx for the answer. But no, it doesnt work.  

Today we have just added this model in the European market. Are you going to add this model to work on PIX4d? I leave you a reference. http://store.dji.com/fr/product/phantom-3-se

I am also interested on connecting Phantom 3 SE… Please let me know if it works




I am also interested on connecting Phantom 3 SE.

Please let me know if it works :slight_smile:


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I’ve tried too, but it doesn’t work. It’is not possible to check the status of the drone and neither you can upload the mission.


Hi All,

Thank you for suggestions. We added +1 for all of you ( :

As already mentioned the Phantom 3 SE is not supported at the moment. We also do not have a specific workaround that would allow a user to connect it by e.g. choosing a different drone in the settings. 

@Antonio, thank you for trying it out!


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i am also interested on connecting Phantom 3 SE.

I tryed with all of the Phantom 3 (std, pro, adv), i recieve parameters but the aircraft is ‘not identified’ so i don’t try to fly!!!

With my phone i recieve the video with all of them and the gps position of the aircraft.

Hi Jean Remy,

We have taken note of your request and have added it to the others. Also, thank you for trying and sharing your experience.

As mentioned in others posts, it will indeed not work even if you select other Phantom 3 series drones to connect to the Phantom 3 SE. 

Could you clarify your last comment: with which app did you manage to get the video feed and the GPS position of your drone?

App : Pix4dCapture

My phone is a Samsung galaxy note 3 with android 5 => i get the video

but with Samsung Tab A with android 4.4 => i don’t get video


Hi Jean Remy,

For an optimal experience with our app, we always recommend running it on the latest OS. Also, we recommend to proceed with basic checks.



i am also interested on connecting Phantom 3 SE.

Any updates on Phantom 3 SE support?

As mentioned DJI Phantom 3 SE is not officially supported with Pix4Dcapture.

There were some users that were able to use the app by selecting DJI Phantom 4.

Could you please try to use the app by selecting DJI Phantom 4 in the general settings of the app.

Please, let us know if you succeded to fly the drone using this configuration and the OS that you use.



I have a Phantom 3 SE too and I’m not able to make it work with Pix4d Capture.

  • Do you plan to update your software to support this drone ? If yes when ?

  • Do you have an official workaround procedure to make it work selecting DJI Phantom 4 ?

Thank you very much for your answer.

Hi ,


im also very interested to use my phantom 3 SE with your excellent tool. We are many phantom 3 se users interested. I think it is positive to make efforts and let use our quadcopters with your solution, for me, the best in the market. Congratulation and let’s improving your excellent solution. Hopefully we can have feedback from you soon. At this moment I’m using my DjI Spark ] should be 8mproved also with automatic flights) , for sure possible ! Thanks 

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
Currently, it is not in our pipeline to support the Phantom 3 SE neither to implement waypoint missions for the DJI Spark.
I have shared your interest in this with the developer’s team so that they consider to implement it in the future.

You can find the list of supported drones and cameras article on our Knowledge Base.


Gente, eu consegui fazer o mapeamento com o phantom 3 SE selecionando no aplicativo o Phantom 4, porém está “Solução” não funcionar em qualquer dispositivo, testei em 3 aparelhos:

-Redmi note 8;
-Samsung Tab A7 10,4";
-iphone 11

Funcionou somente no iphone, e nos outros aparelhos eles falham no checklist do voo, a camera e mais outros dois itens não são reconhecidos.

Espero que isso ajude vcs.