Pix4DCapture - Build A - Warning message - Some permissions not granted to SDK

I’ve just installed Pix4DCapture Pro - Build A - to fly missions on my DJI Mini 3 Pro.

Pix4D Capture Pro installed on my Google Pixel 4XL running Android 13, it seems to work OK.

But installed on my Samsun Galaxy Tab A7 running Android 12 I get a warning message:

I don’t believe it would be safe to operate with such a warning.

Here’s some details about my Samsung tablet’s operating environment:

I would really like to use a tablet for Pix4D Capture - even if I need to buy a different tablet.

Can someone please tell me what requirement my tablet is missing - and what are the requirements to use Pix4D Capture successfully?

Thank you!

Hi, did you get anywhere with this? I have the same message on my Note 9. The app freezes or crashes after a few minutes of flight. Up until that point is runs well and I’m really impressed with it - apart from the crashing.

Many thanks

Good morning -

No - I haven’t heard back yet.

I suspect it has to do with the version of Android. My Google Pixel 4XL is on Android 13, but my Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is on Android 12.

But I don’t have a Samsung tablet handy running Android 13 for testing.

Hopefully someone from Pix4D will respond.


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Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not an Android user, so this is all new territory to me. My Note has 10 on it so I’m guessing that “should” be OK. The documentation suggests that Android 7 (or later) is OK but recommends the latest OS.

I researched the devices that they say that the app has been tested on and some of them won’t take the latest OS (13)… I think.

I wish that their documentation was clearer and Android devices weren’t so hard to manage lol.

Yeah, I’m an Apple slave…

As an afterthought, I might pull the trigger on a Google Pixel 4XL because you have had success with it.

Has it been stable since?


I’ve had good luck with my Pixel 4XL. I also use it for my work with ArduPilot running Qgroundcontrol.

For now - Google still makes the latest Android release for the 4XL. I use this phone as my “on field” phone for my drone work. I have a Pixel 5 as my regular phone. I guess when the 4XL no longer gets current Android support, I’ll relegate my Pixel 5 to my “on field” phone and buy a new one for regular phone use.

I’ve thought about buying a Google Pixel tablet - but it’s really bigger than I want. What I really want is a 7" tablet that runs Android 13. I haven’t found one yet.

Good luck!


This is golden, really appreciated. Thank you!