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Pix4Dcapture 1.2.0 beta for iOS

I briefly tested the new 1.2.0 beta with both capturing modes, Safe mode and Fast mode. 

Good News: Both modes seem to work. I conducted two missions quite successfully, although there are still some issues (I will report later).

One important question, however, before I continue with my reporting and further testing:

Is there a fixed maximum area which can be covered by one single mission? 
If so, what are the constraints and why?

Hi Reto,

We are happy to read about your positive experience!
Regarding the maximum area that can be covered in one single mission, the limiting factors are:

  • Altitude or overlap (the higher the less overlap required, meaning fewer lines in the grid, and vice versa).
  • Size of the grid (length of the flight track).

Actually the color of the grid refers to the estimated flight time that is calculated given the factors above assuming the battery is fully charged at the beginning of the mission. Note that it does not take into account the battery that is necessary to fly to the first way point of the grid and to come back.

In the iOS app, even if the colors is yellow / orange / red it is still possible to fly the mission.
Also note that we have released Pix4Dcapture 1.2.2 that account for the latest improvements and fixed bugs.
Release notes:


Hi Julie

So there is no explicit limitation then, except max altitude, right?
Max flight altitude, is it 150m oder 400 ft?

Currently it is limited to 150 m on iOS but we planned to extend that limitation in the near future.
On Android however, if you select the advanced mode from the general options, it is possible to set the altitude of the mission up to 500 m.