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Pix4d Capture on ipad with Phantom 4 Pro

what is the flight range of Pix4d Capture with Phantom 4Pro? I want to fly with pix4d more then 600 Meter. I was planing a mission more then 600 meter but it’s not comfortable for this.I got a warning it’s ‘too far’ to fly so How can i fly with Pix4d?  

Hi Ujjawal,

You can find more information on this topic here:

Regarding the altitude, by default the limiting height on Android and iOS is 150 m for all drones (except Bebop 2), but this can be extended to 500 m if the Advanced mode is activated for flying.

  • Android: Home screen > Settings > section Advanced > check Enable advanced mode.
  • iOS: Home screen > Polygon / Grid / Double Grid / Circular Mission > Settings > select the tab Advanced.

Note that we do not recommend to fly too high since connectivity issues might happen and that increasing the flight height reduces the precision of the images.
This is what we call the ground sampling distance, meaning the actual size in reality of a pixel.
About the GSD:


I have to make a 400 acre job for minning in south argentina, Neuquén, where internet conection is not available, would i be able to to make this without internet conection? With my ipad… how can i take the pictures without internet?

@Samuel: please make a new post dedicated to your question by clicking “New post” at the top right of the Community. This enables us to keep one subject per post, so that it is easier to find information for other users. Thanks for your understanding!

Ps: this article should be helpful to you: