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height of drone

What could i do if i need my fantom3 pro fly  more than 100meter?


It’s possible to fly between 10 and 150 meters using Pix4D app.
I found this information here:
Just scroll up the altitude slider on the left when you are in the Map View.

I encountered flying altitude issue here too. I can only set my P3P max 100m altitude. When it’s beyond that, the P3P just hover still and not going up and away to the uploaded mission grid.


I thought it was due to my drone problem, but every time I set the mission to 100m and below, it just flew and continued the mission without fail.


But why can’t it proceed to 100m and beyond? If it can’t,  then what’s the use of having those numbers beyond 100m? Has anyone ever flew beyond 100m here on Pix4d Capture and Phantom 3?

Hey Terence,

There is a fixed limit at 150m for the flight altitude for security reasons. For example this prevents the Capture app from disconnecting with the drone, and thereby loosing control over it.

There is a possibility to fly at higher altitude with the “Free flight mission” mode. This is designed for advanced users with experience flying drones manually. 


Best Regards,