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Pix4Dbim restraining measurement to X/Y/Z axis and volume calculations

Are there plans to include more robust tools for the end user in the web viewer? Like restraining measurement to x, y or, z axis? Volume calculations? 

Hi Joseph!

Yes, yes, and yes. Tons of things related to analysis coming up in the next month or so, so stay tuned. I will check internally to see if/what we can reveal at this point.

Is it possible to host the viewer also on our own Pix4D enterprise solution if he host our own cloud infrastructure (e.g. MS Azure)? Or is the viewer only available if we use the Pix4D cloud?

Hi Ekrem Canli,

At the moment we don’t provide embedding options for the 3D viewer. This is in our pipeline but not in the near future as far as I know.

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