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Cloud - Results Uploader Suggestions

I would like to suggest a few upgrades to the results uploader:

  1. The ability to calculate volumes based on the DSM
  2. The ability to upload a DTM
  3. The ability to overlay contours from Pix4D onto the results. Both DTM and DSM for comparison.
  4. Being able to overlay a CAD or PDF file would be nice, but understandably difficult


Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for sharing your suggestions with us. All of them are very valuable and would definitely increase the analysis capabilities available on Pix4D cloud platform.

I can anticipate that given their great value, some of them are already on our 2018 product roadmap, but it would be very interesting to know what other Pix4D users think to help us with prioritization.

To better track the single feature requests, to allow other users upvote their favorite and to go deeper with the discussion, it would be of great help if you can create a dedicated community post for each of them in the “Product feedback” section. I can help if needed.