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A couple feature suggestions for BIM

I have a couple feature suggestions.

  1. A way to organize, sort and search projects in the cloud. I am starting to get a big library of projects on Pix4D Cloud and I need a way to organize them to make accessing them easier.

  2. Add volume measurements to 3D Model view

  3. Add contour download to exports.

Thanks and keep up the great work. 



Thanks for your feedback and your suggestions, we appreciate it.

  1. The capability of sort and search projects in the cloud in our new feature roadmap so it should come soon.

  2. We are about to release our new volume measurement feature for the 2D/3D model so stay tune in the following days.

  3. If you are using the Mapper Desktop software, you can specify that you want to generate the contour file in the Cloud while uploading your project. If you are not using the desktop software, for the time being, you cannot download the contour file unfortunately. We don’t generate automatically the contour file in Cloud but if enough people request this feature, we might consider adding this feature. May I ask for which purpose you need this ? What is your use case ?

Best regards,

Julien Von Oetinger

Hi Lystra,


The volume measurement is now released, did you tried it?

What do you think of it?