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Organize your dashboards more effectively

After helping you manage and organize annotations in a project, the Pix4D Cloud team have come back with even more tools to optimize your workflow.

This week you can find these new features in your Pix4Dmapper Cloud dashboard:


Create new folders and organize your projects! You can create multiple levels of folders.


You then can easily move your projects in the newly created folder.


List view

Want to have a more compact view of your projects? You can now change the card view to a list view.


Demo projects

Now that you know what you’re doing in Pix4D, do you want to keep the demo projects out of sight? We’ve done that for you. The demo projects are now separated from your main projects section.


Other improvements

  • You now have visual feedback when you attempt to replace a vertex with another


  • Improvements to your user experience on smaller screens.


We hope you find these changes helpful! Even more improvements are in the works, so keep an eye out.


Great new functionality, well done!
Waiting eagerly hat all the recent improvements in Pix4Dmapper Cloud are also applied to Pix4Dbim.

For a user of different Pix4Dcloud applications (Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dmapper Cloud and Pix4Dfields Cloud) it is not easy to understand that these applications diverge more and more in terms of basic functionalities like newly introduced project management, annotations, etc…

Thanks for your feedback,

We are fully aware of this and the BIM team is currently working on porting all those improvement to Pix4DBim solution. This should happen during the summer.

Unfortunately the BIM process now looks like a poor second cousin to the pics for the mapper cloud service.
If I could have a vote for at least being able to import geogson shape files ASAP. That would at least allow me to measure the same areas between surveys

I am happy to say that BIM offers now all the same features as Mapper and even more. We had a major release 2 weeks ago and the release note can be read here:–CLOUD-What-s-new-in-Pix4Dbim-Cloud-July-2019