Cloud viewer UI

Is there a way to greatly simplify the UI for viewing a project when I share to users? Many users just want a few basic features and nothing more. If not, what’s the best approach to making my own web viewer via the engine/cloud API?


Welcome to our Community!

I suggest sharing this feature request here: PIX4Dcloud Feature Request - Pix4D Community

Specifically, what are the basic features you would like for the users that can only view and measure the project?

Please also keep in mind with the View and Measure share link, the collaborators can:

  • Open a dataset as anonymous users.
  • Measure and perform analysis using the 2D/3D tools and annotations.
  • Change the properties of each layer (visibility, opacity, background color, etc…)
  • After a page refresh, the changes will be discarded.

Reference: Share - PIX4Dcloud

Best regards,
Rosana (she/her)