Something for clients to look at easily

How or what can I create to let my clients view the fantastic looking product? Most clients don’t want to bother downloading other softwares.

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You can already use a feature for this purpose, called “Share to PIX4Dcloud”.

Share to PIX4Dcloud is a feature of PIX4Dsurvey introduced in version 1.36, which makes it easy to share a project or part of one with just a web link. The point cloud, vector layers, and volume layers can be uploaded to PIX4Dcloud when logged in with a valid PIX4Dsurvey license. All layers will be stored in PIX4Dcloud, with shareable URL links that can be obtained during and after the upload.

Your clients don’t need to download a PIX4Dcloud, because it is a web product, and they don’t need to have a Pix4D account to access it.

For more information, please refer to the article: Share to PIX4Dcloud - PIX4Dsurvey

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