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Release collaboration

Improved collaboration

Did you ever want to have more control over sharing your project with others? Now you can with our new sharing configuration.

To share a project, you start as you always did, by clicking the “share” button:

Although, now you are presented with a couple of new options:

  • enable / disable  share links,
  • can view and measure  link,
  • and a  can edit and save  link. 

Once you enable a share link, you will be able to copy the link and share it with a collaborator. It’s as easy as that. No more steps!

A person that uses a  “can view and measure”  link will be able to:

  • open a project as an anonymous user,
  • measure,
  • change properties of each layer (visibility, opacity, background color etc),
  • after a page refresh, the changes will be discarded.

A person that uses a  “can edit and save”  link will be able to:

  • open a project as an anonymous user,
  • measure and save the measurements (it happens automatically),
  • change properties of each layer and save them.

Other features/improvements

  • New logos and a refreshed user interface across all Pix4D Cloud applications.

Is there, or will there be a method to remove access to users once a link has been shared?

Currently, once a link is shared the only way to “unshare” is to remove the site?

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Great work!

I have been waiting for this feature, really good for collaboration. Is there a roadmap for other improvments? One of my wishes is to be able to import and add a shapefile layer over my photo.


Hogda Skog

Tulalip GIS - actually now you can. For each link you have the toggle button to turn the share link on/off.

One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t affect the links shared prior to 17th of October 2018.

@Per erik Hermansson

There’s definitely a roadmap for additional improvements and importing shapfiles as additional layers is something we’re evaluating. What kind of information are you expecting to overlay to your orthomosaics?


Great work!

What is the same for the tags?