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Can not share one of my sites

Hello. on of my sites uploaded on cloud has no option for sharing. All other sites I can share without any problem? Is there a way how to fix it?

Thank you.

Hello Vladimir,

we recently had an issue with projects where they are staying in a wrong status even after uploading outputs.

I’ve updated one of your project and you should now be able to share it. 

Please excuse us and let me know if you still have the issue.




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Hello Tom,

now it is perfectly OK. Thanks for prompt reaction.



I am having a similar issue where the projects which I have uploaded to the cloud have no option for sharing. The other projects which were processed on the web cloud do have the sharing options. Is there a way how to fix it?

Thank you


Hi Jonathan,

I believe you uploaded the images without triggering the processing and then uploaded the mesh as a result. Is that correct?

To obtain the sharing link when creating a project, you should either:

a) From Desktop, click Project > Upload Project Files and check Start Processing before uploading

b) Upload the mesh generated on the Desktop from the web interface: from your Project page click NEW MODEL and in FILES > RESULTS click UPLOAD FILES to upload the 3 files needed for the Mesh.

To fix the issue now you can go to FILES > IMAGES and in the top right corner click START PROCESSING to trigger the processing.

Thanks for the tips, I will give these a try and then post the results!