Pix4D BIM Cloud share icon shows in some of my Sites, but not all


I have uploaded 2 fully processed projects to Pix4D BIM cloud from my desktop successfully.  I uploaded the outputs successfully as well to the Sites.  Now I want to share the projects.  One of the projects has the Share icon enabled and showing in upper right-hand corner, while the 2nd does not for some reason.  What is the reason for this and how can I share this project?  Do I need to recreate the Site and re-upload project from the desktop?



Hello Michael,

I’m checking right now your projects and I think I have an idea why this happens.

I’m going to do some other check and I’ll come back to you ASAP.

Meanwhile, I’ve tried to fix your projects manually, let me know if it is better now.




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Thanks very much Tom!  The share icon is back and I am able to share a link.  


Have a nice day.



Hey Michael,

Happy to read that it is working now!

So after a bit of investigation, I found a workflow which is a bit broken right now due to legacy reason.

To make it short, when you upload something from the mapper software, you need to check the “start processing” option otherwise you’ll end up in the same status as you were. Also uploading only the outputs from the cloud website will work.

I hope I have enlightened a bit the reason behind your issue and that you’ll still enjoy your experience on our cloud!


Have a nice and sunny day!


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Thanks very much Tom!  This makes sense.