Can't share cloud prjects


I’m having some problems sending share links to my client. It seems that the link I sent to him always redirects him to login page.

Hi Jaakko,


Yes, we are aware of this issue with the shared link. We will have a fix deployed today. Meanwhile, you can add edit the link manually to overcome the problem. Ensure there is /map or /model at the end of your share link:

If your project only has a 3D model for example,

Use model?shareToken=SHARE_TOKEN

If your project has a map,

Use map?shareToken=SHARE_TOKEN

  • PROJECT_ID is the project 6 digit ID
  • _SHARE_TOKEN _is the random string that you can find in the share dialog

All the URL will work again once we deployed the fix in production. You do not have to worry about the URL currently shared.

We apologize for this very problematic issue in our project redirection. I totally understand this is very problematic for all our users.


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