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Pix4D shutting down when marking second GCP

Hello community.

Pix4Dmatic is shutting down when marking second GCP?


What version of the software are you using?


The newest i think/hope - just downloaded it today. Its the 15 day trial version.

Alright, this means you probably have version 1.23.0. You can see this in the bottom left corner of the “welcome view” in the software.

Do you manage to reproduce the crash every time?
Can you please share the “history.p4mpl” file from your project folder with us?
Here is a screenshot of the project folder (File > Open Project Folder, or right click on the project in the welcome view and click “Open Project Folder”):

We’d like to try to reproduce the issue on a dataset. If we don’t manage to reproduce it, we might ask you for the dataset, so that we try as well.


Yes, the version is 1.23.0.

I have tried numerous times, and it crashes everytime i want to point out a second mark and it does it for every CFG i have.

I can’t upload p4mpl files? mhm, weird. Could you try sending the p4mpl file with a file sharing service such as WeTransfer ( or your preferred file sharing service? Thanks!

I used wetransfer - send it to

I sent you a private message for the data transfer, I don’t have access to the

Thanks for sending the file. It’s difficult to tell what is wrong, maybe we can pinpoint the issue with these questions:

  • Are you using an external disk? If yes, does it work if you move the data to the C disk and try again?
  • Does it work you remove the special characters from the image paths? e.g. æ, å, ø.

Depending on the answers to the questions above, we may need the dataset and processing results to make a further investigation.

PS: I will be out of office until January starting this evening, either someone from support can take over, or I’ll get back to you in January. I can extend the trial license then, as you had an issue while trying. Hope that works for you!

Hello Pierangelo.

I moved the JPG files from external to the C disc - that doesn’t work.

And the images doesnt have any “none english” letters in the file names.

Any other suggestions :slight_smile:


Happy New Year!

The issue you are facing could be related to your GPU drivers. Can you please let me know the version of your GPU driver?


Happy new year :slight_smile:

NVIDIA Quadro T2000 -
Intel(R) UHD Graphics -
Both should be up to date.

Is it the right ones you asked for?


happy new year to you too :slight_smile:.

Yes, this is the information we asked for :wink:
According to NVIDIA, the latest driver for Quadro T2000 is (R470 U7 (472.84)).

Please update the driver and try again.

If you still have issues, feel free to open a direct support ticket.


Thanks for checking. I should have been more specific, it seems that the image path has special characters, the history file showed that for example: “'EDIT: FULL PATH”. Can you confirm that when moving to the C drive there were no special characters in the file path either?

Let’s see if updating the GPU drivers would work otherwise.


There are no special letters in the new path on C.

Hello Daniele & Pierangelo.

Driver is updated - Created a new project - no special letters in paths - Still crashes when i select a second gcp.


I have created a personal ticket so we can continue there.