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Pix4D questions

Hi everyone!

I’ve been testing Pix4D for few days now, and i have few questions.

  1. Pix4d uses my build-in HD Graphics 630 instead NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050. I have latest drivers installed. NVIDIA GPU is also seen by pix4d under Resources and Notifications tab in Processing Options. What could it be?

  2. Is it possible to use DSM elevation model in Volumes tab? This is possible in DroneDeply and it makes finding stockpile edges much more easier.

  3. What is your best solution for measuring volumes of stockpiles that are between walls, but the base ground is a bit sloping?


Best regards,


Cześć Janek,

1. If CUDA has been detected in Resources and Notifications, it is automatically used in the data processing. Do you think it is different in your case?

Jeśli CUDA została wykryta w Resources and Notifications to automatycznie jest wykorzystywana w procesie przetwarzania danych. Czy w Twoim przypadku myślisz że jest inaczej? 

2. As for now, that feature is not available yet. However, what you can do is to change the colour of the point cloud which will help you in finding stockpile edges much more easily.

Na razie ta funkcja nie jest jeszcze dostępna. Jednak możesz zmienić kolor chmury punktów, co ułatwi Ci łatwiejsze znajdowanie krawędzi hałd.

3. The best solution to this problem is described in the post Volume vertices.

Najlepsze rozwiązanie tego problemu opisaliśmy w poście Volume vertices.