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Pix4D Field | SAR

I recently undertaken a project to develop and capture Canada Leaf Project ( Ref. Image ) Fun Objective - Leaf Flight Planning. Technical Objective - Search any lost object on the field. ( It’s MAAC Field and many Radio Airplanes get lost on ground ) I tried to use Pix4D Fields and find the PIXELs. but unable to find. Now question for the forum & Pix4D team is do we have usage of Pix4D for SAR. I find it interesting to see how Pix4D Fields distinct the colors, same way we can detect objects or distinctive PIXEL on ground. I foresee it will be very useful. Forum share your thoughts, ideas or solutions. 

Goal - Search & Rescue using Pix4D to find lost object on ground ( my case Lost RC Airplane ) 

Hi Pritpal,


We highly appreciate that you are using Pix4Dfields for your projects. Search and rescue is a very interesting topic. We always consider the experiences that our users share with us, and keep improving our software by adding new features. Pix4Dfields is a product dedicated to agriculture, but we are happy that you explore in other areas. Wish you the best of success on it, and glad that you share it on the community.

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