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Missing photos P4 Multispectral


I am starting to work with a P4 Multispectral to use in Pix4D Fields, therefore I am using the Pix4Dcapture to get the images from the missions.
During a test run, I performed a flight over the same 145 ac at 330 ft. and 165 ft. After finishing the mission the app displayed a total of 450 and 1679 images (points) for each mission respectively.

When I came to process the images, the total of images in the SD card was very low, just 79 and 360 points (not counting the pictures from all the bands), so a lot of information was lost and of course the reconstruction of the orthomosaic in Pix4D fields, although it was done, was logically full of gaps.
During the mission I also noted some gaps, where it seems some pictures were not taken.

The SD card was new. No errors were shown during the mission.
To note, during the mission the furthest point from home was less than 4000 ft. However the app was showing slightly over 19000 ft. away, as can be observed in the image.
I’ve been reading the blog and manual and it mentioned the possibility to adjust settings while planning a mission, for example fast/safe mode, overlap, speed, etc. But in the reality it displayed that there are not settings for this mission.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any assistance you may provide!

Upon reading more, it seems that Pix4D Capture/iOS is not compatible with DJI P4M. However, very surprising that you were able to create and launch a mission. It is unfortunate that pics were missing upon processing in Pix4D Fields, because this is a great software for agricultural analysis.

Hopefully Pix4D is able to include it soon.


I would recommend to use the DJI GS Pro App for flight planning, this works very well and the datasets process accordingly in Pix4Dfields.

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Hey Guys!
Thanks a lot for your reply!
Indeed, I’ve been working with DJI GSP for the past days and processing the images in Pix4D Fields with great results.
Despite the above, what I liked about Pix4D Capture was the possibility to create offline missions and that the battery/flight time/height ratio is better than DJI GSP.
Anyways, I will have to use DJI GSP app.

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That is strange, right?
If it is not compatible, why it recognizes the P4 Multiespectral drone and camera as it can be seen in the image I attached!

I cannot answer why thats the case. But its definitely not officially supported from our site.
The DJI App has a lot of good features for flight planning, like adjusting the path to the sun angle, battery swap support for bigger missions and so on. I recommend it for the P4M to get the best experience :slight_smile: