[READ ME] Image acquisition - Rules

The Image acquisition topic is a space to ask questions or start discussions about how images and Ground Control Points (GCPs) should be acquired for processing with Pix4D software. This includes questions about Pix4Dcapture , drones and cameras.

Before posting

Before creating a new post, please search the Forum to check if the question was not asked before. If the question has been asked before, the post will be closed and redirected to the existing post, so as to gather information.

Many answers can also be found in the extensive knowledge base at your disposal. A good place to start looking for information is:

Post format

One post should cover a single subject. If you have two questions on two different subjects, create two separate posts. Each post should be created in the appropriate topic (e.g. Processing, Image acquisition), if not the post will be moved to the more appropriate one. This improves the readability of the Forum.

If applicable, a title should contain tags to clarify the content of the post:

Title : [drone or camera][product] Descriptive title

If applicable, please use these tags in the title of your post:

  • Drone or camera: e.g.  [DJI Mavic Pro] or [Canon EOS 550D]
  • Product: e.g. [Pix4Dcapture iOS 1.7.1] or [Pix4Dcapture Android 3.8.1]

Examples of non-descriptive titles: “Mobile app”, “There is an error”.

Instead, please clarify the problem in the title, e.g. : [DJI Phantom 4] [Pix4Dcapture Android 3.8.1] Drone hovers but does not start mission.

Content : Please describe the issue and eventually provide screenshot(s) of the problem (e.g. error message, map view).