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Pix4D Desktop vs Kaspersky antivirus

Hi everyone,


I got this shocking conflict between Pix4D and Kaspersky when processing some work after finishing, which led to Kaspersky deleting the software completely off my computer for allegedly displaying suspicious behavior (the antivirus claimed to have detected a trojan within the system of Pix4D). Couldthe experts please helpme out on this?Apicture of the antivirus message showed up as in the attached imagery:

Hi Paul,

Pix4D is a trusted software package that will not incidentally infect your computer with a virus. Please completely uninstall your software by following the directions here, and reinstall the software following the directions here. This is most likely a false alarm if the application is saying that Pix4D has an associated virus. Please contact Kaspersky technical support to learn how to ignore this error and successfully download our software package.


I received the same message in May 2018, today (June 26, 2018)  while processing a project I received the same message

and Pix4D crashed.  I had to re-install Pix4D again.

Any ideas on a fix for this.

Joel Salinas




After uninstalling and re-installing the software as per instructions that are given here by Julie you are still receiving the same conflict? 




Same issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled later on. 

Same issue pop up.

Any ideas??

@ all

Have you tried to add the software on the whitelist?


For Kaspersky: 

For Avira: 





I would prefer pix4d which is best so far i know and it can protect you from every kind of malware so far I have got this software from windows 10 error code 0xc00000f which is working quite effectively.