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Pix4D Catch and Drone data

Has anyone merged the Catch data with a drone flight? I threw out targets and flew / captured data and am trying to put them together with zero luck.

Hello @drone15,
Can you share in details, what issue are you having? Can you also share the workflow that you are using?

Sure thing,

Laid out 6 targets around my house and a circular mission with my phantom 4 pro v2, processed via pix4d mapper.
Walked the house with an Ipad and pix4d catch mapping the house in a circle. Let it process via cloud as I cannot get it to export to anything else.
For the processing I have tried many different things like processing both sets together as raw images, combing both sets and processing. full processing both sets and merging projects treating all 6 mtps as “same” and also exported out the mtps from the drone to cad to make a point file and reupload and 3dgcps to the ipad projects and trying to get it to tie together. Nothing works, closet I have gotten is some Ipad images moving to the right area but because they only see one target they are not aligned.

Hello @drone15,
The best workflow is creating two projects. First, one with the exported images from the Pix4Dcatch, and second the one from the drone. Then, process step 1 only and make sure the initial process is completed without any issue. After that merge them, following the steps explained in the below support article, How to merge projects.
If you are not able to merge the project after following the above article, make sure to follow the steps under the troubleshooting.

So I tried this to a T as well as the trouble shooting. No luck. It just refuses to move the data. I can share the data if that helps.

Can you forward me the quality report of both of the projects and a few screenshot showing the issue?