Merging Two Pix4d Matic Projects (terrestrial & aerial)

I am trying to merge to matic projects. One is aerial photos and the other is from data collected by pix4d catch. Both projects are in the same coordinate system/datum, so they merge fine. But there are no procedures on the support page (only for mapper) and the youtube video just has someone walking around a castle and does not show you how they merged the projects. Do I just do the calibration for both jobs then merge, and then create the point clouds in the merged project. As I have found If I do all that first separately then merge the projects, I don’t get any of the point cloud data from the project I am bring in.

After spending the weekend I got it to work. When I merged an aerial data set to a catch project and I tried to create a create a dense point cloud it did not work. But when I merged the catch data into the aerial data set there was no issues.

Hi Chris3,
Would you be willing to share with us so we can do some testing on our end?

We also just published the support documentation for merging projects in PIX4Dmatic.

Thank you,