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Pix4D Capture, Earth image is illegible

In Pix4D Capture, when I try to create a polygon area to survey, in the ‘Earth image’ view, the picture is illegible, so I have had to do my rockery ‘practice’ surveys using Parrot’s FreeFlight6 app, (which I think uses Google Earth), and it is a much clearer image than Pix4D Capture. If I change the Pix4D Capture from ‘Earth image’ to 2D outline, it is much easier to see but it doesn’t show my outbuildings, garage and sheds or rockery area, also is the global positioning trustworthy enough in this view, regarding both correct area capture and building collision? Is there any way of getting a clearer earth image on Pix4d Capture?

Hi @brucebru, you are right, base maps can be shifted and outdates so it is recommended to do some additional preparation and checks before executing missions.

One thing that can help you is the position of the drone once you turn it on. Check where does it appear on the map and estimate is the position (dot) of the drone corresponds to what is shown on the base map.

There is a way to change the base map provider in PIX4Dcapture:

If you are using the Android version, you can also consider importing a .kml file with the outline of the project. This can help you precisely locate the mission.

Hope this helps!

Hi Blaz,
Thank you very much for your response and advice. I’ll give it a try probably after the weekend, as it’s a very busy one for me, and unfortunatetly it’s a very wet weather forecast too. Hopefully I might get the chance to have a look at the link you’ve sent. Thanks again,

Kind regards,

Ian Bruce,
Oakdale Projects Ltd,
Mob: 07968312055

Hi Blaž Vidmar,

Thanks again for the instructions to import Google Earth as a project image. Though I’m not sure it’s working as it should. I installed Google Earth Pro via the link exactly as per the instructions, or so I thought I did, but when I open it to create a new project it says I am using an experimental version, please see screenshot below.
So I’ve tried it on that version. I have drawn a polygon of the area I want to survey using Pix4D capture and then I have tried to follow the instructions but they don’t tell me ‘how to do it’. And they’re not relating to anything on the Google earth webpage I am on. I clicked on the link and it opened up as the next screenshot, so I clicked on ‘Google Earth Pro on desktop’, and nothing happens, I tried this a few times to no avail, so I clicked on ‘Launch Earth’ and it launches the ‘experimental version’. I have saved my polygon as a new project on my laptop, but I could only save it as a .kml, not a .kmz, then I have transferred it to my tablet. Now I have managed to open it in my project list in Pix4D capture, then I open a ‘grid formation’, which then opens in the original, illegible earth view. How can I save my Google Earth image as a .kmz? I know in the instructions it says it will save it as a .kmz but it doesn’t





  1. Go to Google Earth Pro webpage.
  2. Click Agree and Download.
  3. Install the program. It might also be needed to uninstall Google Earth (default edition).
  4. Start Google Earth Pro.
    *** Please note, step 4, this is the only step I can get to in the instructions, none of the further ones are available ***

Information: If no georeferenced image is available to use as a base map, jump to step 8. directly.

  1. Drag and drop a georeferenced .tif image (GeoTIFF). Make sure the .twf geolocation file is stored in the same folder.
  2. In the pop-up, click Scale.

  1. In the window New Image Overlay, click OK.
  2. On the toolbar at the top, click to draw a polygon.
  3. In the window New Polygon, edit the name and while the window is still display, left click to add points on the map. Click OK to finish the drawing.

Note: Since the .tif image was imported first, it is displayed on the top and the polygon is actually hidden below. To visualize it, unselect the .tif layer from the left sidebar.

  1. On the left sidebar, right click Temporary Places and click Save Place As…
  2. Enter the file name and select the export format .kml/.kmz and click Save.

I have also installed it from ‘Google Play’ on my tablet. Thanks again

Kind regards,

Ian Bruce
Oakdale Projects Ltd
Mob: 07968312055

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Hi Ian,
As written in the instructions, you need to gave a generated GeoTIFF file that you then convert to .kmz in Google Earth.

If you do not have a file available, for example, from an earlier project, then I recommend you to try different base map providers or help yourself with the drone position once it is turned on and connected to PIX4Dcapture.

I hope this helps,

Hi Blaz,

OK, thanks for your reply, I’m currently studying for my GVC but when I have completed that, I’ll have a look into how to create a GeoTIFF file.