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PIX4D capture + DJI 4 broken communications app

I have PIX4d capture 3.6.1 running on Samsung Tab s2 Android 6.0.1.

/controller links ok to drone. Grid mission inputs to drone OK. Mission take off is normal. Drone flies to beginning of grid, orients itself, starts forward and takes one photo, then immediately drops communication and climbs to RTB altitude, but holds itself in place. I have to manually fly it back to its take off point. 

This stuff had been working O, until I installed the DJI Go 4 app, which demonstrated the same problem.

I did a complete system reset on my tablet, and reinstalled the original DJI app (3.1.3)

How do I get this system back in to operation?

Hi David,

It is important that the DJI GO (4) does not run at the same time as Pix4Dcapture. The SDK (what allows the communication between the drone’s firmware and an app) cannot interact with both at the same time. Therefore it is essential to make sure DJI GO is not running in the background especially after connecting the device to the drone.

If needed, force the app to stop. How to force quit an app:

On Android, it can also be needed to change the default app for flying since it should not be DJI GO when running Pix4Dcapture:

We just released a new Android version 3.7.1. If you have the chance to test it, could you tell us if the issue persists?
If when flying with DJI GO 4, you observed the same problem, we would suggest that you contact DJI since they might better help.