Pix4D BIM Cloud Projects life span and access



Once we upload a Pix4D BIM project to the cloud, how long will it be saved? 


Also, is a Pix4D BIM Cloud Project’s shared link still “live” and accessible even if we don’t have an active subscription?  We are currently going month to month and I’m worried about what happens to the cloud projects I have uploaded if there is a delay in renewing my subscription.  What features are disabled during the subscription lapse?





Hi Michael,

If you are using the monthly subscription, it will be there for 6 months after your license expires. For more information, you could go through our support article on Retention policy of Pix4D Cloud projects.

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Thanks Kapil…I assume the 6 month retention time frame resets with each new subscription renewal?


Thanks for your help.



Hi Michael,

Yah, That is right.