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I used a trial account in order to test an area and I tried 5 months later to enter to my project and it is not appered in my account? Do Pix4D delete projects after a while???

Hello Stratis,

The behavior that you’re experiencing right now is the effect of the cloud data retention policy applied by Pix4D for his cloud solution.

As we are growing fast, we needed to define a bit more how we want to handle inactive account and your trial account doesn’t seem to have any active license nor trial.

Here are the rules that apply:

  • Trial users that do not buy a Pix4D license within 30 days get their projects deleted.
  • Users that are not renewing their subscriptions get their projects removed after six months

If there is anything that seems incorrect in regards to those rules, I’m happy to have a look at your current situation.

Thank you for trying our product,