Photo folder path invalid - Cannot relink folder

I’m trying to open a project that was done using a old folder structure.

It tell me some files are missing, and ask me to point where the photo folder is, but when i try to do so i

get an i0023 error telling me it cannot fix file path. ( i put the photo folder directly inside project folder to make it easier)

Is there a way to fix that faster than changing the files path manually in the project file with notepad++?


Does this warning come up before or after clicking OK and select where the dataset is located?
Have you tried putting the dataset in another folder outside the project folder?
Please also ensure the project folder and the dataset are stored locally in case M:/ is not a local hard drive.

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Rosana (she/her)

Hi, the warning comes as the project is opened and after we have selected the new folder location.

As if it could not fix the path. we can see in the log that it tried but couldn’t fix it.

On the first try the photo folder was outside the project folder, then i tried to put it inside the project folder.

The project was originally worked on by some one using a pc tower with many drives locally, thus the M drive being local.

Now we use a file share inside app streamm from aws. we used to be able to remap folder path easily but this old project just won’t remap.

Fixed it! the original project was done in 2020 on a old windows version that gave the extention .jpeg instead of jpg. so pix4d did not recognized the files. i just batch renamed the files with the extension .jpg

Also i used visual studio to replace the file path (inside the project file) of every photo with the function “find and replace” it took a second.

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Hi @acquisition.informatique,

I’m happy to hear that the issue is solved. Also, thank you for sharing the solution with the community :raised_hands: !


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