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Error e0066: Cannot process the project. Some of the resulting filenames including the destination path are too long (max 256 characters).

Hi. I need someone to tell me how to solve this. We give the same route as always to the projects and there are occasions that this one comes out.

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You can simply rename the project to give a shorter name. On the menu bar, click Project > Save Project As… If it is not sufficient, you need to move the project to another directory so make the path shorter. Use Project > Save Project As… and select a different folder where to store it.


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Thank you. July, Everything excellent. We changed the route, so as not to work directly on one drive, 100% project. Greetings.

Thank you Julie. sorry, I misspelled your name.

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Is there somewhere we can request that this limitation be abandoned in the next update? Is this an arbitrary limit? Can it be increased to 512 characters? Why does Pix4D need to restrict how I arrange my file system?

Many of my projects need to live pretty deep within a file structure for metadata tracking purposes and separation between projects, sites, and flight dates. The file paths get pretty long, though no one directory name is all that long.


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Hi Michael,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I have reported this limitation as a pain point for future improvement.


Perfect, thanks so much!

Agreed, and thanks. This has been an ongoing issue for us as well.


I would like to suggest you, try LongPathTool program to resolve this issue. This tool is very helpful to resolve the issue.

Hi Team,


Has this been resolved? I have just installed the latest version of Pix4D and I am getting this error still? I must admit I am inclined to agree with the guys, our data can live pretty deep within our file structure and it would be very useful not to be restricted in this manner.


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Hi guys,

Unfortunately, it has not been implemented yet.
However, thanks to your contribution, I increased the priority of this function for future product enhancement.

Thank you,


I f you want to go for easiest solution go for long path tool. It can delete, copy, move and bulk rename long path files or locked file easily.