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error 0066

I cannot begin initial processing because my project says my file name has too many characters.  I have ran into this before.  I normally just shorten this down a little and move on.  This file path is very important for the file structure as it mirrors all the other structures.  I checked the file path in Word and it shows I still have around 100 characters available.  I added in the name of the file I wanted created to the file path in the directory to check the path.  that is the red circled name.  Why is this still creating a problem?  I am unable to move on with my project until this is resolved. 

Hi Aaron,

I have already replied to you personally, but I think that it worth to share the answer.

The maximum limit of characters does not only consider the path of the main folder but also all the outputs that will be generated within.

For example for the tiles of the orthomosaic:
C:\users\tiffany.lyche\oneDrive - Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel\Desktop\Pix4D Mine Plans\Plant2\Plant_2_mine_flight_MAR_2019\partially_processed\2019-03-12_BLOCK1\3_dsm_ortho\2_mosaic\2019-03-12_BLOCK1\2019-03-12_BLOCK1_transparent_mosaic_group1_1_1

There is already 246 characters which is already very close to the limit. So I assume that there are other files that will create even longer path name.

At the moment I cannot recommend anything else than try to reduce the path name by moving it.