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Photo alignment coordinates

Hi. Currently we are using Agisofts Metashape, but we are having a problem and would like to know if Pix4d could resolve this better.

We want to create ortho maps of thermal imagery of PV plants. Because of the nature of PV plants, the photos can look very similar even if they show very different panels. Now, because Metashape apparently doesn’t take the GPS coordinates into account in the alignment process of the photos, this often fails. How is this done in Pix4d mapper? Are the coordinates being used to align the photos? If so, are there any requirements for this to work? Are basic GPS coordinates good enough, or would corrected coordinates be needed? (We don’t need a precise georeference, just asking for the alignment process itself)

Hello @BenS, You don’t need to have the GPS coordinate to process the images in PIX4Dmapper. The construction is based on the key point extraction and bundle adjustment. So, you should be able to process the data without GPS information in it.