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Batch processing : issues with coordinate system

I am trying to automate at least the first part of Pix4d (pretty much until I have to click my GCP manually).
I thought this would be easy with the command line interface but I am running into issues.
Here is my first step:
pix4dmapper -c -n --image-dir "N:\pics" --geolocation-format pix4d-x-y --geolocation-file "N:\event1_eo_Mission 1.txt" "N:\try.p4d"

I expect it to create a project with my images and georeferenced images in X Y but instead I get the coordinates pasted in lat long:

<image path="N:/pics/DSC01424.JPG" group="group1" enabled="true">
    <camera name="DSC-RX1RM2_35.0_7952x5304" id="0"/>
    <time>2019:11:13 13:59:20</time>
    <gps alt="167.29900000000000659" lat="466205.37337799998931587" lng="4786369.57104299962520599"/>
    <xyz x="0" y="0" z="0"/>
    <opk omega="-0.247934" phi="-3.777286" kappa="0.182616"/>
    <accuracyOpk omega="6" phi="4" kappa="6"/>

This is an issue as I wanted to copy the CoordinateSystems XML block from a template and paste it in this project but since the coordinates are entered in lat long this won’t work.

Is this behavior normal or is this a bug?

I am surprised with the lack of options for batch processing, or maybe have I missed something but I didn’t find anyway to add GCP or coordinate system without having to edit the XML directly.

Thanks for your help!

Running version 4.4.12 on a commercial license type

Hi Julien,

The ‘Unable to find radiometric calibration target’ is a very normal status message and needs no action taken as evidenced by the “[Info]” log tag on that message. For notable issues that tag would instead be ‘[error]’. For completing this item via the CLI editing the .p4d file would be necessary to import GCPs initially.

Our CLI is unfortunately a very outdated item. If you are looking seriously at implementing automation I would heavily suggest looking into our new SDK solution which can be found here: There may be some slight workflow adjustments necessary but it allows you much of that finer control including that of natively being able to add GCPs and marks via scripting. I would heavily suggest familiarizing yourself with the SDK solution so you may make an informed decision on how to proceed.

It is also possible to mark and import GCPs manually in Pix4Dmapper prior to any processing as well using the Basic GCP Editor. This method generally seems to fit better for many streamlined processes as there is no need to wait for any processing.

Let us know if you have additional questions or needs!

Yours Sincerely,
Tim | Solution Integration Engineer