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Custom Coordinate System

Hello everyone, i had a quick question. I am using pix4dmapper to take images of large areas for inspections. We are also using our own coordinate system. i was hoping someone could help me out in achieving this. we use a variety of software/programs here and each one is linked to our coordinate system. Can someone help and explain on how to do this. what will i need? what information could you use to further help my situation. thank you in adnvance.

Yes, PIX4Dmapper can easily handle arbitrary coordinate systems. When you first start your project you will have to use the Basic Editor in the GCP/MTP Manager to set your GCPs. Once this is completed you can create a Site Calibration file to define the transformation from the image coordinate system to an arbitrary output coordinate system. The article below describes the workflow.

thank you! im still a little intimidated so ill real through the article you left. i appreciate your help and thanks again!