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GCP's from Survey Data

We are trying to get sub-centimeter accuracy for one of our projects. We have done this before using survey data from a survey company with our GCP’s. Typically the survey crew gives us GCP’s in a state plane coordinate format however, this time around they created an anchor point using state plane and then created their own custom coordinate system for the project. Is there a way to create an anchor point in Pix4D like they did and then incorporate their format into Pix4D?

Hi James,

If the surveyors use their own coordinate system, it is possible to import it in Pix4Dmapper. You should have a .prj file that contains the information about this custom coordinate system. You can import this .prj file in the software.

You can find information about this here:

All the outputs will then be in the this coordinate system.

It is also possible to have different coordinate systems for the image geolocation, the GCPs and the ouput (so 3 different systems in total). In general, we recommend using the same coordinate system for the GCPs and the output.

Best regards,