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Phantom not turning around

If I make a fight plan in the app, is it correct that all my photo’s are aimed to 1 location instead of the drone turning to make pictures from all angles?

Hi Praa,

The behavior of DJI drones depends on the app, Android vs. iOS, and also on the type of mission.

On Android, the simple grid mission makes the drone translate. Therefore, if you change the camera angle and make it oblique, all images will have the same angle. It makes no difference when the camera is set to vertical though.

On iOS, there are two flying modes for the simple grid mission, Safe or Fast. Using the safe mode, the drone turns by 180° between two consecutive lines and stops to take every pictures which significantly increases the flight time. On the other hand using the fast mode, the drones translates like for Android this is why all images have the same angle. This mode does not require to stop to shoot but the connection with the drone should be maintained without interruption.

For both Android and iOS, the double grid mission makes the drone rotate to capture all angles in an optimal way. The camera orientation cannot be nadir therefore four different angles are captured in two grids that the drone flies one after the other. This new type of mission is optimized for reconstruction of objects.

Hope this clarifies the situation.