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Phantom 4 camera not supported

I have used my Phantom 4 with Pix4DMapper Mesh previously but not it no longer works.  When I try to import the images and it reads the EXIF informaiton, it states:

Error e0067:

Detected camera FC330_3.6_4000x2250.
This camera is not supported by this edition of Pix4Dmapper.

I am guessing this just needs an update to the EXIF database… 

Hi Jae,

Images must be captured using the camera’s highest resolution if they are to be processed with the Mesh edition of the software.
For more information:
It should be 4000x3000 for the camera of the Phantom 4.



I am using DJI Osmo camera and I am keep getting;

“Error e0067:
Detected camera HG310_3.6_4000x3000
This camera is not supported by this edition of Pix4Dmapper. 
To process more cameras contact pix4d”

This camera is basically Inspire1 X3 camera and should be supported by the Meshmapper according to your website?


Hi Georgi,

The Mesh edition of the software only the support the Zenmuse X3 of the Inspire 1 as advertised on our website (main and Support site, cf. my link above).



Does the Pro version support the dji osmo?

Hi Arturo,

The software can process images taken with any cameras, DSLR, large format or lightweight compact camera, perspective or fisheye lens, and using any applications. The only requirement is to have .jpeg or .tif images. More information here on the inputs:

The Pro edition is the full edition meaning that there are no limitation regarding the cameras that can be used for processing.


I’m usin a Phantom 4 and the OSX pix4d software, and when i press process i get the message:

"Error e0067:

Cámara detectada: FC330_3.6_4000x3000.

Esta cámara no es soportada por esta edición de Pix4Dmapper.

Para procesar más cámaras, contacte dji."


All the images captured are in 4000x3000 in Jpeg formtat. it works well in the cloud but NOT in the Mac computer that give me an error!!


any solution?



Hi Ignacio,

It is actually a license problem.
My colleagues took care of it and will be directly in touch with you soon be email.



I have a full license for pix4dmapper pro. However, I cannot see “mesh editor” function.

would you please let me know how to turn it on? or check the license for me




Do you mean you cannot access the rayCloud (where the mesh can be loaded) or the Mosaic Editor view (where the orthomosaic and the captured images are displayed)?

The rayCloud is accessible after running step 1, the mesh can be loaded in the rayCloud after running step 2 and the Mosaic Editor is accessible after running step 3.




I’m using a Canon 5D Mark3 and Pix4Dmodel.

But I have trouble by Error e0067.

Could you tell me what to do?

Hello Keigo,

Could you please submit a request to the Technical Support team:

Best Regards,