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Perpetual License


I have been paying a monthly subscription which myself and another person in the business use.  We are in different states.

If we purchase the perpetual license, does this allow it to be used from different locations?  Obviously not at the same time, but can we both log in to the account as we do now?



Yup, you can activate the license to one computer at a time.

Enable remote deactivation to streamline this.

Hi Adam,

The Pix4Dmapper Desktop, Perpetual license comes together with the ability to use it on two different devices at the same time.

Pix4D licenses are floating licenses which allow the user to:

  • be logged in one or more computers - devices (laptop or desktop machine) at the same time
  • install Pix4D Desktop in as many computers as wanted without a need to uninstall Pix4D Desktop to move the license to another computer

If you have already activated all devices owned by your license (for instance 2) and you are trying to log in on a third computer, a Discovery license will be used.

To transfer a license from one computer to another simply log out of the software on the computer you are currently using your license, and log into the new computer of your choice. Learn more about how to log out Pix4Dmapper Desktop

If you do not have access to the computer that is currently using one of your multiple seats, you can remotely deactivate a device. Learn more about how to remotely deactivate a device.