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Partial mission/ mission fail


I have a phantom 3 4K. I am trying to fly a grid. I calibrate the drone each time and am using an iPad with the pix4d app.

When we start our flight, the drone will either fly to the start point, travel down the first transect then stop and float randomly saying that the mission is complete.

Alternatively, it will fly to the correct altitude and say that the mission is complete, before even getting to the starting point. We can’t seem to figure out what is causing this and have tried a ton of different things. According to the ap, the missions are loaded and the drone is connected. Firmware is up to date as well.

Any tips?


Hi Gavin,

At the moment the DJI Phantom 3 4K is not fully supported and tested. You can see the list of supported drones and cameras here: 203991609

Regarding the behavior that you observed, we are unfortunately not able to provide more information since Phantom 3 4K is not fully supported. It could come from a miscommunication with the DJI SDK. 

We advise you to try the app in few weeks when the new DJI’s SDK might be supported. To get the latest news you can follow Technical release notes: 200798215