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Parrot Disco Pro AG, Sequoia Camera Firmware and Connection Error

We purchased a Parrot Disco Pro AG with Sequoia Multispectral System a few years ago, but we have never been able to successfully take off with the Pix4Dcapture app due to persistent connection issues with the Sequoia.

In the drone take off checklist in Pix4Dcapture, two errors appear.

  1. Camera error
  2. Camera firmware version is (null)

In the settings of the Pix4Dcapture app, we have indicated that the drone is the Parrot Disco Pro AG and that the camera is the default option of the Sequoia. There are no options to add a custom camera when we select the Parrot Disco Pro AG as the drone.

The firmware for the Disco is version 1.7.1.
The firmware for the Skycontroller 2 is version 1.0.9.
When we check the status of the Sequoia camera, the firmware version is 1.7.1 (same as the Disco?). We have tried updating the Parrot Sequoia firmware through the USB, SD card, and wifi methods, and we have also tried the factory reset as well. After each update, the firmware version is still 1.7.1.

Has anyone had a similar issue with the Parrot Disco Pro AG and Sequoia Multispectral Camera with the Pix4Dcapture flight planning app and have they been able to fix this connection issue? If not, are there any other successful alternative flight planning apps that anyone might be able to recommend?
Thanks for your time.

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