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[Android] Disco PRO AG support for Android version of Pix4Dcapture

why it is not possible to use an Android device for disco pro AG?
I am not equipped with the Apple product, it bores me strongly … is there a solution?

Thank you

Hi Vincent,

It is in the pipeline to support the Parrot Disco-Pro AG coming with an integrated Sequoia camera on Android. However, the development is currently on-hold and we are not able to communicate on whether it will happen and when.
The only workaround is to fly with Pix4Dcapture on iOS as it already supports this fixed wing for agriculture purposes. Note that the default Parrot Disco (not coming with the Sequoia mounted) is not supported. For more information, check this community post.

thank you for your reply.
I would sincerely like to use my disco pro AG with my android hardware …
I hope your team will be able to validate development;)


I have that problem, too
I’m paid 5000 euro and I can’t control with my android device ! This is not normal for android costumers.
I think that isn’t hard for you to make compatible the parrot disco pro ag on the android platform.
We are waiting an update, please.

Thank you.

Hello All,


I’ve just read all the comments bellow and I just realized that if I had read them before I would not have proballby spent 5000 euro to get the Disco Pro AG as there is no flight software compatible for Android users. I really hope that Pix4D will rapidlly find a solution.