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Parrot Disco and PIX4D Capture


I know that this request has already been made, but I would be very interested to know, if the Parrot Disco will be supported soon by PIX4D Capture, because it is an interesting machine to use with a multi-spectral, for agricultural use.

Thanks for you attention.Best regards


Hi Denis,

It is planned to have the Parrot Disco in our list of drones supported by Pix4Dcapture but we cannot give a precise timeline for now. It is among the top priorities, perhaps it will be available by the end of May as a very rough estimation.



any news?

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Hi Tendi,

Pix4Dcapture will support the Parrot Disco-Pro AG drone with the Sequoia integrated soon, when the the product will be released by Parrot. It will be possible to perform autonomous grid flight using this special drone first on iOS and then later on Android later. Note that Pix4Dcapture will not support the default Parrot Disco (not coming with the Sequoia mounted).

Please find more information here:



I have the disco and we have bought a sequoia as well which we have mounted in the disco to exactly what the new AG-PRO can do. will there be some kind of up date that we would be able to put on the Parrot Disco C.H.U.C.K to be be compatible with the pix 4D capture with our sequoia? Or would that require replacing the C.H.U.C.K?


There is no plan to support the Disco drone with a Sequoia mounted by the user because Pix4Dcapture would not be able to trigger pictures as our app works specifically for the Parrot Disco-Pro AG. We rely on a particular connection with the camera as it is implemented for that drone.


Hi, based on your comments on April 05 we purchased several Parrot Disco to use with our students and your Pix4D Capture software.

Now you are saying you will not be releasing it for the standard Disco ?

Why ? What is the difference ? Your software can still trigger the standard built in camera, just as it does for the Bebop 2.

This is VERY disappointing. We have spent a lot of money on these aircraft with the expectation that we would be able to use your product. Please reconsider this decision.






It does not mean we will never support the default Disco drone, but we are waiting for more user feedback to evaluate the need. Perhaps you could give us more information about how you are currently using the drone?

In this community post, it was asked for agricultural purposes with a multi-spectral camera. Probably there was a confusion on Pix4D side because we thought about the Parrot Disco-Pro AG (with Sequoia camera) that was just announced but only the default Disco drone was available beginning of April.


Why can we not purchase this particular connection… we spent a lot of money to do, what u just released (ag pro) . We are not going to spend another 5k for the same thing we have now. This is very disappointing

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We have our DISCO, and we want to mount our MAPIR Multispectral and RGB camera instead of the Sequoia, and I hope you decide to include the “Normal” Disco in your list of supportd drones. 

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HI Julie,

Back in April when you said that support for the Disco would be coming, the standard aircraft was the only one anybody had heard of. the Ag version did not exist. It was only natural to expect that the support would be for this version. We have bought a number of the standard Disco aircraft so that we can give our students training performing fixed wing missions with your software before moving on to other platforms such as the Ag version. We need to be able to use the standard, cheaper version for training.

As another user said, your software is already able to drive the same camera in the Bebop 2 drone.

Please forward this, and the other users above requirement to your colleagues.

Thank you.



Please update pix4d for mapping with disco. I use mapir camera and gopro5 and I don’t need to buy another disco to use only with sequoia camera.


O pix4dcapture conseguiria conectar-se ao parrot disco padrão, mesmo que somente para controlar a rota de voo, sem disparar a câmera ? Isto já ajudaria bastante.

We understand the need and will make sure the product manager of Pix4Dcapture takes it into consideration for future development :).


Please give us an update on the compatibility of the Disco and the integration of other micro-usb enabled cameras?  Is there any update coming in the following weeks? Pix4D should be able to support a simple trigger function using the CHDK script to any camera that is connected. Once the Parrot chuck is connected to FreeFly, will the drone at least calibrate and run the route without the sequoia sensor on-board?

Is the manufacturer stopping you unable to arrive so we can fly the route with Parrot Disco with an optional camera that takes photo at time intervals (Gopro and others).

For now there is no update, meaning that it is not in the pipeline to have the Parrot Disco (with the default or any other mounted camera) supported in Pix4Dcapture. We collect feedback to evaluate this integration in the future.

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I second the proposition to be able to use the regular Disco with other cameras such as MAPIR. Seems that the workaround, for now, is to use Mission Planner. 

Has anyone tried another application to plan a survey with the parrot disco, such as ardupilot? Or any recommendation on any app to survey with the parrot disco??