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Parrot Disco and PIX4D Capture


I share the frustration about pix4dcapture to see that we can not launch a mission with the Parrot Disco if it is not the PRO-AG version.
From the point of view of teaching and to facilitate teaching students the use of the PRO-AG Disc without carrying the multispectral camera (Sequoia) for risk of breakage, etc. and make simulated flights would be very good to have the option to fly the Parrot Disco from the Pix4D application.
I think it would be quite simple, do NOT check in the checklist before the flight that the camera takes or that the firmware is the expected.

In fact it can be done with the PRO-AG version, launch the mission, do the pre-flight and just after when the application is waiting for you to launch the countdown of the takeoff to remove the Sequoia. But this is a disorder, you have to put and remove and there is still unnecessary risk to your integrity.

I repeat that it is only with teaching interest and the option is simple, in the pre-fligth checklit to be able to avoid the verification of the Sequoia.