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Parámeter camera

Hello my name is Hugo Munoz, chili and soy PIX4D user, the software have rented several times because my item here in my country is the aerial photography. the software is splendid nothing to say, but lately I have had some problems with a new camera that joined the drone and post-process, the software does not recognize me the camera parameters but if the model.

Mark is a Sony camera, model ILCE-7R 7360x4912.

very grateful if you could add in your database this camera model and parameters for optimimizar in post-processing.

Hi Hugo,

This Sony camera exists in our database with different focal lengths:

camera name=“ILCE-7R_16mmF2.8Fisheye_16.0_7360x4912”, fisheye camera

camera name=“ILCE-7R_E10-18mmF4OSS_10.0_7360x4912”, focal length: 10 mm


Let us know if you have problems working with this camera model :slight_smile:



Hello my name is Michaela Kopp and I’m a beginner user in PIX4D. I want to create a 3D Model of smaller objects, but  the software does not recognize the camera parameters by clicking “Estimate from EXIF”.

I use the handycamera of HUAWEI NOVA PLUS.

I would be very very very grateful if you could help me.

Hello Michaela,

I suppose that the camera definition is not written in the EXIF tags.

Click on the image with the right mouse button, you should find information about the camera:



If there is nothing in the camera information, that means that the images do not have the camera parameters written in the EXIF tags and the software cannot take it.

I hope this helps.