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What camera do I select in Pix4DMapper if I am flying the Matrice 210 RTK with the zenmuse z30?

Starting a new project, Pix4D Mapper has generated a camera error for the Z30. I have attached pics to better explain.


What are the parameters that should be entered? Are there any substitute camera settings?

Hi Noranda,

As the camera is not in our internal camera database, then the software assigns the camera model by reading the EXIF tags. If a camera model parameter is not identified in the EXIF you will have to enter it into the Camera Model Editor manually.

This should happen in your case; the software is reading the tags (sensor width, pixel size, etc.) and load them in the Edit Camera Model window:

But since they are missing, then you are asked to add them. To calibrate a perspective camera from scratch we recommend to follow this article:

Please note that since Zenmuse Z30 is capturing images at different focal lengths. To use the imagery for processing, you must capture images at the same zoom level and know the actual focal length of the lens.




I got upload the camera model data for ZENMUSEZ30_4.0_1920x1080.

You can try it.


Best Regards,


Imageone, JAPAN

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Hello Noranda, 

Were you able to find the correct “Camera Model Parameters” for the Z30? 


Thank you,



I need help in configuring my zenmuse z30 camera. Its currently affixed to the Matrice 210RTK. I am using Pix4D 4.1.25 and its not in the database. The software is requesting this file ZENMUSEZ30_4.0_1920x1080.

Where can I find:

  1. Parameters for the zenmuse z30 camera? So I can manually configure Pix4D. 
  2. and this file (ZENMUSEZ30_4.0_1920x1080) ?

Thanks in advance for your help.



The parameters will be read from the exif of the images. The software should not ask for any extra file other than the images. 

Pix4D desktop can process images taken with any cameras. The only requirement is to have .jpeg or .tif images. 
If the camera is included in our database, the camera is detected through the images and its optimized parameters are used for processing. 

If the camera is not included, like for the Zenmuse Z30, EXIF files of the images are loaded for processing in case they contain the corresponding camera parameters. This should happen in your case and we expect the internal parameters (sensor width, pixel size, etc.) to be loaded in the Edit Camera Model window:
To calibrate a perspective camera from scratch we recommend to follow this article:

The workflow that we would suggest is first to run step 1. Initial Processing and to eventually improve the results by following the procedure described in the calibration article from 9.

Note that for optimal calibration of the camera we recommend a good aerial nadir dataset with the specifications mentioned in the article. In case of terrestrial or free flight, we suggest that you increase the overlap to 85% and 70% respectively. The main issue is to avoid capturing sky background since tie points are less easily matched. Hence the camera should point towards the ground (45 degrees).

@ Noriaki Ishikawa


Please direct me to the file.